Some Game Session Notes

Vampire 06/25/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on June 25, 2005

Notable Quotes:
Druids dance with animals. Dances with Wolves was about a Druid.

It’s 15 years later and things are going well. Himmelsbach is Prince.

The party spent their spare time on a variety of endeavors:

Kort: continues his hobby as a gear head, and hangs around with the conservationist groups
Lovis: Learns to drive, gets a make over, plays golf, a manicure, a pedicure and other girly type stuff. Also she starts a discount gargoyle franchise.
Jack: Hangs out and socializes with other vampires maintaining his status.
Lucas: Spends time with Himmelsbach and tries to gain back some humanity. He also tries to hook up Dimitri with a good ghoul bearing woman. When he gets bored, he shoots rats at the garbage dump.
Eric: Studies and gains more knowledge. He also collects Vecchio’s head.

Slavic mobs infiltrating the area. That introduces us to Vasily. He meets Himmelsbach who decides that since he’s a Russian gangster; he should be part of our coterie. We welcome him with open arms. Group Hug!

Our job is to keep the underworld in check. And look out for masquerade breaches. Help if crime gets out of hand in an area.

A reporter is threatening to investigate the toll booths. A small time newspaper guy with a big ego and chip on his shoulder. Kort talks to Star who refers him to Marna and Reuben. They’ll look into it.

Why Super Villains Send Minions To Their Doom

Bookshelf tells Kort that his car was stolen. Vaclav got arrested as crazy vagrant. He wandered off and got picked up by the police. All because he missed Kort.

Dave the toll booth ghoul (Jack’s). Told his girlfriend. Blah. Blah. Jack teaches him how to heal by breaking the idiot’s arm. Dave gets fired from his job. Jack asks Kort to alter Dave’s memory. Jack finally admits that after 25 years he finally knows his ghoul’s name.

Zoning Problems

Someone built an old folks home next to our haven. Eric suggests that they just may have a mustard gas leak. The old people are curious and worried about the young gangsters hanging out in the area. One of Bookshelf’s homies pulled a gun on an old man who stormed the beaches of Normandy and wasn’t going to take any guff from a hooligan.

We research the home. Jack suggest that the group be on the look out for Elvis and JFK. Eric notices an old man (Benny) is convinced that something supernatural is going on. It could be gray skinned aliens or communists controlled by the aliens or hippies controlled by the aliens. He noticed that some of the doors in the tenement don’t go anywhere (our haven).

Gilbert Abigail is the director of the home. He’s in his mid 40’s and is fluent in corporate double speak. Kort gets a list next of kin etc. He’s a media favorite. Corrupt and gets caught but not convicted.

Kort , Lucas, Eric and Jack break in and kidnap him. The guy and his male intern (who was taking dick-tation) are interrupted. They go with us without a fight. We take them to the creepy cabin. We learn that Gilbert has a gambling problem and the morals of sand. He is in debt but not pressured. He paid off his debt by doing a dirty deal to put the old folk home in the tenements. Oh yeah, and he killed an intern a year ago. Kort puts on his favorite Russian accent, “We cut off your legs and kill your children. If you don’t medicate the old people and keep them in the home!? Gilbert’s memories are altered. The intern begs, “Please don’t kill me. And I’m not gay.? His memories are altered too. We drop them off in the middle of no where and Kort takes their shoes. The next day, the old people are medicated and a chain link fence is being built around the home.

A Strange Kidnapping

Notable Quotes:
Dienetics is a diet program.

Strickland notices that a rich girl has been kidnapped by Scientologists. This is so weird that we check it out. Vasily finds out that there are a couple Russian Scientologist gangsters (not exactly a large demographic). Vasily corners one of the guys. The mobster explains that the Italians kidnapped the girl and are framing him and his buddy. They kidnapped the Russian’s girlfriend to keep them quiet. They mailed her finger. Eric reads the Russian girl’s finger and sees visions of caves and hillbillies. Eric uses his astonishing knowledge of geology to narrow down the possible locations of the cave.

Lovis assigns Gregor to watch the Russians. He reports that the notes are coming in the normal mail but are actually being delivered by a ghouled raccoon. We confirm that we’re dealing with some sort of hillbilly vampire. Lovis asks Kort to count his relatives.

The Hills Rise Wild!

Notable Quotes:
Hot Bitch on Bitch Action! Oh, you’re talking about dog fights.

We search the woods and finally find the cave. Lucas brags about his equestrian skills the entire time. We notice some guy in overalls guarding the entrance. Then things get out of hand. Eric and Vasily storm the cave and rescue the girls. Lovis, Lucas and Kort deal with the hillbilly’s dogs. Lucas gets torn apart pretty badly but manages to survive.

Jack goes after the hillbilly. After jumping off a cliff and getting attacked by a badger, Jack returns with Cletus the Hillbilly’s head.

With Eric’s help, we learn that Cletus was a childe of Igor Bradovitch.

4 XP for the session