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Vampire Session From 07/0905

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on July 9, 2005

Strange Goings On At Sutter’s MillHarold Moblin, an Ordo Dracul researcher, has gone missing. He’s been doing some research in a small town called Sutter’s Mill. The town has a population of a couple of hundred, one main street, a gas station, a general store and not much of anything else.

Sutter’s Mill is a six hour drive away in the mountains. We pack our gear and go. On the top of the list, as many types of special ammo (iron and silver) as possible, stakes and of course Old Faithful the .30 Cal. Kort leaves Bookshelf in charge. He takes along the dogs. We are sure to pack as many small fire extinguishers as we can carry.

Himmelsbach meets us in the Barrens and briefs us and a few other vampires before heading out.


The Ghost Town

Kort finds the sheriff’s office unlocked. The thermostat is cranked to 95 degrees. The place is deserted. He steals a radio. The last entry from the logs are some emergency calls from a couple of days ago. There were people collapsing due to extreme cold.

The gas station is unlocked. Kort tanks up the vehicles and gets some brochures. Kort grabs some wiper fluid, and pine air fresheners. Kort picks up a roll of quarters and a local phone book.

Jack convinces Kort to talk to wandering cow. Cows are stupid. But explains, “So hungry and haven’t seen anyone in two days.“

Kort sees the pattern and his eyes light up when he suggests that we head off to the bank. The door is unlocked and Kort wets himself. A bonfire had been built in the middle of bank. There are two dead bodies. They look like they died of exposure. Lucas hauls out the safe cracking kit we drug along. After some amount of work, we get into the safe. Our reward $100,000 in cash.

Kort summons dogs for interrogation. One dog turns out to be Harold’s ghoul. Kort tells us that the dog said that there was a fight. Burning dead people hurt. Master fought them but they burned him. It was very hot. Master disappeared or died. Then they walked off to the west. Jack immediately suggest that the party head east.

Everyone gathers and heads off to the haven.

Harold’s Haven

Notable Quote: Ooh! Meat Porn!

The haven is a small house. The place is trashed. We find seven dead people and a pile of ash on the bed. All the dead people are in hospital gowns and shows sign of burn injuries. We theorize that this is some sort of Flame Zombie infestation. Himmelsbach comments that one could make a good addition to his zombie collection.

Kort finds the secret entrance into the basement. The place is littered with notes, and occult diagrams. Banging comes from a locked door. We set up an ambush and Jack gets the honors of opening the door. A zombie stumbles into the room. Lucas trips it with his lasso. Kort sprays it with a fire extinguisher. The zombie goes up in a whoosh of steam and cracks down the middle.

We find Harold’s journal. Some noteworthy clues are revealed. The residents have dug a serious of tunnels connecting many basements in town. They dress for winter even in the summer. They are all paranoid about something called “The Great Blizzard?.

We next check out the local hospital. Mostly locals being treated for frost bite and exposure. The group agrees that we should loot the hospital for whatever medical supplies and equipment that we can find.

The party spends the day in the bank vault. The other vampires spread themselves around town. Some in a meat locker and the others head for the adult entertainment emporium.

A few events occur during the day. Kort hears a couple gun shots. Bookshelf argues with some one. Lucas and Jack complain in unison, “Dammit, Kort wake up and tell your ghoul to keep it quiet!?

As we’re waking up for the night, we hear blood curdling screams from the porn store. Seven mortals sprint from the porn store in shock because the “bodies? moving. There are three men, four woman (fireman, cop, unskilled laborer, jail bait teenager, her dumpy mom, a dike, redneck electrician). After we get them calmed we learn more about the zombies. They can move fast. They burn when they touch. And they drag people off to the west.

Himmelsbach orders us to loot the town for fire extinguishers. During our rounds we find strange shrines built to coal burners in the basements of many homes.

Go West Young Man!

To the west of town is the boiler house for the power station. It’s a three story industrial type complex.

Jack and Daisy are selected as the celerity team to scout the place. The pair find a huge cast iron boiler in the basement. Jack shrugs and shoots it. This has much the same effect as poking a hornets nest with a stick. The two fast vampires sprint from the building. It is a short and decisive fight. Hordes of Flame Zombies are no match for a small town’s inventory of fire extinguishers. Just to be sure, the group siphons water from one of the water towers and fills the basement.

To The Mines

We find a short wave radio in the control room of the power plant. It’s receiving weak signals from John Lyons who is secure in the mine. The teenage girl goes into a some sort of trance and starts repeating “The hound , the mother, the dream of warmth, memory of home.?

We head off to the mines. Himmelsbach is shocked. “You brought mining helmets?? We look at him blankly. “Duh??

We find John Lyons (just a guy that was in the mine) in the mines and rescue him from zombies. He also has a map of the mines. One tunnel leads to Licking, another to Drummond and the third that isn’t on the map. Himmelsbach and the elders follow the mystery tunnel.

We some deduce the following:

Sutter’s Mill is “The Memory of Home?
Licking is “The Mother? The party takes this tunnel.
Drummond is “The Hound? the vampires follow this tunnel

Jack notes that this is a plan worthy of Scooby Do. We decide to take the the psychic girl, her mother, Ann Crumbs the junior reporter and the butch electrician with us.

At Licking, the Zombies are building a huge bonfire from anything that can be found in the town. The zombies seem to ignore the vampires but they notice the mortals.

Suddenly, a wave of frenzied animals storm down the hillside at us. Kort and his dogs take out a small swarm. Jack jumps in and protects the psychic girl. The others quickly dispatch their own swarm of small forest animals.

A short stitched together eyeless flaming witch attacks Kort. He recognizes it as the evil Indian shaman from years before. Yet another brief fight ensues. Frothy and Meathead are injured by escaping steam. And Flaming Zombie Indian With Woman explodes. The short wave stops singing.

Additional research gives us a little more information. The zombies have hive mind, and are semi intelligent. They think that the world is covered in ice (an illusion). They “rescue? people from time to time from the ice age. It appears to be some sort of mortal Cult of an Insane Summer Spirit.

The others report a giant wolf fire breathing thingie down the Drummond tunnel.

4 XP for this Session


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