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Vampire Session From 07/23/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on July 23, 2005

And so it begins. It’s Mayberry 2025 and Oppie has gone bad

Lobsters, Guns & Money

Notable Quotes: Eddie Izzard and Ed Asner are not the person

We hear that over in Loson, a street gang has been able to purchase some hand grenades and big guns. Dimitri gets us the name of the guy on the Army Base who was selling munitions. He is being held in the stockade and we realize that this would be tough place to break into. We could do it but it would take some massive Masquerade breeches.

The Prince of Loson is Monique DoBane (to be played by John Leguizano). She’s originally from Europe and was embraced during WW II. The local Ordo Dracul are weirdos. They think that space alien lobsters created vampires. They’ve been doing some eugenics experiments with their very own inbred ghoul family. The weird OD guys hang out at the Scientology building.

As soon as he hears of the space lobsters, Kort orders Dema to buy $2,000 worth of lobster and some glow in the dark paint. Dema gets the task of painting the lobsters. Jack comments crazy rednecks. Dema wonders what he has done to offend sweet-blood daddy. Kort listens to the lobsters yelling, “I cut you man.? Eric suggests some hollowed out water melons for “alien eggs?. Kort aks his family to build a flying saucer out lumber and stuff. Instead, they steal a giant hamburger from a local burger joint and just paint it. Kort plans on using Dominate to convince some yokel that he was abducted by aliens and probed. Someone glues a plastic brain onto one of the lobsters.

We drive to Loson. The town is arranged in normal rural fashion i.e. redneck. The vampires just seem weird.

We pass the news about the guns and grenades to the Prince. Then we put the lobsters in the watermelons. And the watermelons in the giant hamburger UFO and drop the stuff off in a parking lot.

Soon a white van drives up and guys in lab coats and blue jeans jump out and start checking out the invasion. One guy exclaims, “No, you check it out!? Another shouts, “I’m keeping the one with a brain.? They take the saucer back to headquarters.

We are now are known as the Animal House of the Ordo Dracul.

We actually have a pleasant conversation with the local sheriff. We exchange numbers. Every gets a free one-time Contact Merit with the sheriff of Loson.

Over to Miner’s Town

We hear about some mob guys (Ziphan, Kolya, and Jeroslav) doing some weird jobs. They stole some bodies and burned down old book stores. We learn that the Lancea Sanctum had previously used the abandoned church in Miners’ Town but now the place has been taken over by the Circle of the Crone.

We track them to a local drive in showing Russian art films which are bizarre cross between porn, propaganda and surrealist performance art. Some of the great cinematic scenes include:

A topless woman being chased by an octopus and a cow.
A woman fighting rats with loaf of bread.

The gangsters are dealing from their car. We interrupt them and do a little interrogation.

Who were you stealing bodies for?
Some doctor. Dunno. We stole eight bodies.

Eric lets us know that the mobster is thinking of Sarah The Dark Mistress.

We don’t fall for the story and tail Zygan when he leaves the movie. He leads us to his apartment. This time Lucas uses slightly more “physical? interrogation techniques. Despite what Zygan tells us, Eric pulls the real information from his mind. The Dark Mistress has 5 friends (two males, three females). They meet at the Warehouse of sweet, sweet blood. Twenty other random people routinely attend (probably other ghouls). Eric recognizes Sarah the Dark Mistress as Mina Summers. She has a new cult, The Church of the Holy Madness.

We loot the Russian’s place and grab The Christmas Story Lamp, a mating armadillos lamp and a cowboy boot lamp. More realistically we also get his cash and drug stash. We barely get to the haven before the sun rises. Jack and Eric pass out in the tunnel.

The next night, we meet with Himmelsbach. Jack shows off with his Covenant Status of 2 and explains our success. He only mentions that he has heard about space lobster invasion. Himmelsbach congratulates us and lists some things we need to handle.

The Thing that eats towns.
The Bradovitches have a MG.
The Trogs (A Biker gang) are suspicious. Lars the leader is fortune teller.
The Dog Faces (another gang), they run meth labs and have weapon wielding baboons and a psychic kid.
The Hangman Militia: Kort has cousins in that militia. A quick conversation later pretty much clears things up. His three younger cousins, Koey, Goob and Bobo. They just maintaining the moonshine routes from the inner city drug dealers and mobs.
Satan’s Chosen Temple: A plantation house in the mountains. Mostly young adults indulging in sin and probably just a “shock-value? religion.
The Mutant Hole: (Emerson Chemical East Coast Warehouse complex, Gosford County ASPOS Depot) in the 60’s a chemical industrial accident caused a few “problems?, children with disabilities who were shuffled off to the warehouse and everyone wants to just forget that the incident and the place.

The Dog Faces

Kort leads the party to a local trailer park. No one asks how he can find the place blindfolded. We raid the suspect trailer. Cletus and Juanita attempt to escape but Jack runs them down. Another brief interrogation occurs. The meth makers tell us that the gang consists of 10 to 15 guys that run it and 20 guys who are enforcers with trained baboons. We steal their meth and food stamps.

We head off to the local biker strip club. Somebody gets the bright idea that FBI jackets would intimidate the patrons. Jack gets maced. Everybody beats the Dog Face into submission. Kort keeps control of Pogo the lead pipe wielding baboon. All would have gone well, except the stripper on stage was another vampire. Lucas goes nuts and a chase through the woods ensues.

Jack learns the Celerity 3 doesn’t compensate for three packs a day. He unsuccessfully attempts to hamstring Lucas. The stripper vampire just turns out to be some poor nomad who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lucas kills her. We manage to gather our comrades and leave the area with only fatality.

4 xp


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