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Vampire Session From 8/06/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on August 8, 2005

A Failed Interrogation

Notable Quotes: Chia gargoyles, Gargoyle Barbie and My Little Gargoyle.

We figure we have plenty of prisoners (two) to interrogate until Lucas goes into a blood frenzy. Prisoner 1 is handcuffed to the toilet ala Boondocks Saints and Prisoner 2 is a duct tape mummy. He continues to go on the hunt after he kills them. Jack puts some Kung Fu moves on Lucas and finally stakes him. For good measure, Jack gives Lucas a swift kick in the teeth. By this time, Gregor’s gargoyles show up and pins Jack who immediately shouts, “Lovis! Get you garden gnome off me?

Kort interrogates the Baboon Ghoul. The Baboon tells the story of the nice kid has changed into something scary then deeply beloved. He let’s us play fun games i.e. beat up people. Kort gets some clues to the location of the haven. Eric helps him out and narrows the location down. Additional research leads us to believe that the kid is Chad Davis, the boy who can talk to animals from Hamilton in the mountains. He was kidnapped three years ago by drug dealer bikers, The Dog Faces.

Strickland, and Lucy trace some prison tattoos and see what additional information we can find out about the Dog Faces.

Church of the Divine Madness

We meet Mina Summers at her Temple of Divine Madness, sort of a Scientology pyramid scheme. We explain how she treaded on our turf and now has to “buy? the guys that she ghouled and keep out of the organized crime arena. She takes us into a locked room with eight corpses with a strange flower (Flower of Demeter) growing out of the corpses. She gives us some flowers. It offers the “Glow of life? to us undead type. We offer to provide corpses for the flowers. Jack comments a good way to dispose of a body.

Trying to get more Prisoners

We hit The Bar & Grill, a Trucker/biker hangout place. The owner is in jail for shooting at passing air ships. About two dozen people are in the bar watching Japanese soccer. A couple of guys are in back watching mud wrestling and selling crack.

Eric sabotages the monkey van. And we wait for them to leave. As soon as the van breaks down, we rush the bikers. Lovis kills one and we take Chavo and Nitro prisoner. We take them to the usual interrogation place AKA The Creepy Cabin.

Once there a stranger is waiting for us. He says his name is Seth and that Gramps has sent him to help us. He’s a Native American and his left eye looks like the night sky and sees into the spirit world. We see the glaring PC aura about him and welcome Seth into our company.

Krumpus Corner

Notable Quote: If we weren’t playing an RPG right now I’d call you a geek. (In response to a comment about who casts an Englishman to play a guy named Picard.)

Random Baboon: Does this make my ass look red?

We interrogate Chavo and Nitro. We learn that the Dog Faces have an ersatz compound made from a trailer park, Krumpus Corner. Mounds of trash and abandoned cars form the “fortified? walls. The big boss is a large spooky Russian (a Bradovitch). There a couple of small labs and a main office where the bosses hang out. We also find out about some of the places that they meet with the Trogs. And that Korus is the leader of the Satan’s Chosen Temple. We chain them to the pole, and leave them in the creepy cabin.

We call in a little help with the raid on Krumpus Corner. Vecchio and his coterie are assigned to guard the front and keep anyone from leaving. And that’s pretty much all they do.

Lucas transforms into a raven and grows those nasty Protean Claws. He flies in quickly and easily kills a sentry and turns back into human. Then things go bad. A rapier wielding baboon skewers him then Ivan the Tooth decked out in plate armor and armed with a chain gun with an axe for a bayonet (ala 40K) attacks him. A long burst from the chain gun and a swing of the axe and dear cowboy friend goes to his final resting place. Immediately, we come up with a new team policy: Bury our dead. No science experiments.

Seth the werewolf changes and charges into the fray. We see that our new friend is not a combat hardened as the rest of us. He spends much of his time running around the compound and attacking anything in reach.

The Gargoyles trash one of the trailers.

Jack also has a run in with Ivan the Tooth. Jack spends half of his time hiding in the bushes but eventually helps Seth avenge Lucas and take out Ivan.

Lovis jumps on top the office trailer. She rips some holes in the roof and drops a couple of grenades. She takes out two guys but more SMG fire comes from the trailer. She decides to drop a railroad flare through the hole which she does when sprints off after failing her Rotschreck roll.

Eric and Kort drive in the other side with the pickup. Eric mans the .30 cal. He obliterates monkeys and random trailer park scenery.

We clear each trailer. Under the main office we find a tunnel. In a small underground “storeroom? we meet the kid who talks to animals. He is tending to a wounded baboon. We learn that he was embraced by Ivan but is blood bound to Sasha. For some really weird reason. the Bradovitches are making an army of baboons to attack some vampire. The kid also knows that there are bad spirits in the woods because they annoyed some of his baboons. All of the baboons named after pop stars.

We quickly realize that Dimitri no longer has a controller. We decide that we should ask if he can join “The Club? Jack appeals to Himmelsbach who agrees. We ask Dimitri and he agrees. We still have to decide on who does it. We also need to decide on what to do with the kid.

Heavy Armor 4/4 Min Str 8
Machine Gun Min Str 8 with axe

6 XP