Some Game Session Notes

Vampire Session From 09/03/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on September 3, 2005

Notable Quote: Your machine gun appears well fed.

It is the same night, and we are still debating on what to do with Dimitri. We decide to put the armor and mighty machine gun in storage until later and someone can use it without penalty. Sudenly, we remember that we left the baboons in the van for a couple of days. They died. We all blame Boodshelf. He blames us but only under his breath.

Lovis thinks about where the Bradovithces are. She talks to the kid and then remembers that he’s blood bound to Sasha.

There is short dicussion with Seth on werewolf physiology. Jack explains he that didn’t know that werewolves weren’t bullet resistant like vampires. “Glad, I didn’t shoot you as joke,’ he commented. “Vampires do that for fun.? Seth explains that werewolves aren’t immortal either. The China man looks amazed.

At Elysium, Archer is hanging out. He’s recruiting to go out and stop the Satanists who raided the compound. Archer was the only survivor. Fortunately, he’s looking for Lancea Sanctum folks. We wave and smile but don’t volunteer.

Jack hears word of The Blind Swordsmen in Chinatown who are teaching a combat dicipline. It gives a bonus to Dex based skills. Jack grins and takes the first taxi to Chinatown. He meets them at the 7 Fortunes Restaurant. It turnes out that the local Chinatown is ran by Japanese vampires.

The vampires want more cooperation with white mobs but some Russian mobsters have been causing problems. Sakura gives Jack the names. If Jack can drag them in and make them apologize, then he’ll get trained in the new dicipline. Jack enjoys tastey blood laced tea with his new friends

The next night Jack gets some info from on the guys and works with Kort to brain wash the guys and get them to apologize. This takes a couple of nights but is successful.

Kort goes out to the woods and talks to Chavo and Nitro. Kort makes beer-blood cocktails. He uses Dominate and social skills to persuade them to recreate the gang. They both agree but for different reasons.

Kort visits the pyshic girl (Amanda Lasiter) from zombie town. He hears of her normal teenage problems. He learns that her boyfriend dumped her. Kort hunts the little punk down at a burned out Cirlce K. Kort just mind manipulates the kid and moves on.

Satan’s Chosen Temple

Native Werewolf Wisdom: It’s like that “My people call it maize? thing but in this case it’s about violence.

The temple is a run down plantation. About two dozen teenagers surround a couple of bonfires. Seth detects a couple of pain spirits that are bound to the house. Seth passes out some peyote and questions the kids. He learns about the innner circle of the temple.

Korus the Leader is into Crowley-type stuff. He can detect your virtue and vice.
Lester: short and bald high pitched voice, kind of like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.
Sarah: Big glasses, huge hair and into the Kaballah
Mr, Gloem: long finger nails. Nine Inch Nails type guy
Morgana: Very fat and smells like vanilla with a scarred forehead
Mildred: She’s like 50, dude, and totally European and shit.

We pose involuntarily as drug dealers (thanks to Seth’s free samples of peyote). Korus immediately knows that we are Vampires. We have a brief discussion and learn that some of the members have been building shrines to some sort of heat god (We think that it’s The Thing That Eats Town). We tell Korus that he doesn’t have to worry about Ivan the Tooth anymore. Korus tells us that he’s a Mason and he hosts their monthly orgy.

Seth notices a Rat spirit in the corner. They weaken the Gauntlet. And cause problems. We can kill them and they go away. And violence breaks out.

Lester runs for it. Seth hacks into him with the crusader sword and Jack follows up with his own brand of hack fu. A Molotov Cocktail drops from the ceiling on Jack and Kort. Jack pokes through the ceiling and stabs something in the foot.

Burning Tail and Black Claw (a couple of werewolves that we brought as back up ) jump up and tear through the ceiling and into the attic and attack some Rat Spirts. They take out Mr. Golem. Burning Claw gets poisoned.

Lovis is attacked by rat spirits. She tripped and clawed. The claws break off into her skin. Her blood is diseased. And she is bleeding from the wounds in her skin.

Jack runs past Seth and Elsie who activated her nightmare. A spear from the ceiling attacks Seth. Lovis fails her check against Elsie’s nighmare. Seth follows a rat guy onto the roof.

Chaotic fighting continues on the roof, in the attic and on the second floor.

Seth explains that a Loci is becoming available after it is cleansed. Korus burns the house down and moves to another area

We find $300,000 ($41,000 each) in the safe.

6 XP For the session