Some Game Session Notes

Vampire Session From 10/08/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on November 30, 2005

We got rumors. Eric has spent the last few years researching stuff on microfiche. He receives payment in the form a microfiche reader and the last 30 years of South African periodicals.

Kort learns several rumors about the Hangmen and the Dog Faces. He also briefs Eric on the events at Satan’s Chosen Temple. We hear that the cops found Korus in Chicago and jailed him but a lawyer got him out of jail. We theorized that it was Mina Summers.

Shovel reports odd things at the old factory.

The Hangmen are having problems with the Bradovitches. A schism in the Hangmen has caused it split into two groups.

The Factory and the Noises

Shovel explains that the noises sound like a large animal. He has no idea what it is. Kort summons some owls. The owls smell an unidentifiable predator. We get the jeep and mount the machine gun. An owl finds a black bear in a shed. Eric tracks to the shed and that something heavy was drug into the shed. Something had been singed and burned the nearby underbrush. He spots some vaguely large canine tracks. The shed smells bad and something ate half a black bear. Eric and the dogs continue to track the something. We learn that the beast is the size of a horse, quadrupedal. And more singed underbrush. Eric poisons the bear guts

We talk to Hunegarte about the giant wolf thing that they fought in Zombie Town. We meet them over Chinatown. He has dozens more plaster casts of footprints. Pieces of metal that have bitten. The beast bit his car bumper. Bullets that went in and then powers of regeneration caused them to fall out. Hungarte claims that he even threw a car at the beasty. Holy water drove it off. Teeth and claws burn like fire. Blood splatters are fire like too. He confirms that the tracks are the same. We go and tell the Prince, he’s not happy but he’s got a haven in the area too at least there aren’t any zombies yet.

We steal an 18 wheeler full of Lucky Strikes to build a trap for the fire wolf. Reinforce the trailer and install a fire retardant spray system. Of course, we get Dimitri to fence the cigarettes.

Macallen and Tolliver deliver drums of guts from the meat packing plant (Our Bait). Himmelsbach shows up with a fire truck. We set up our trap and wait. Jack uses the “gut slingâ€? to seed the area. We spot the Fire Wolf. It has four human friends who are unloading a van filled with corpses that they’re putting into a furnace. The Obfuscators sneak up and the fighting starts.

The Fire Wolf quickly eats Eda. Jack and the wolf exchange damage. Then the China man dashes into the truck trailer and the wolf follows. The Fire Wolf gets trapped in the trailer. We shoot it till it stops moving and we run out of bullets.

Kort and Bookshelf chase after the cadaver-filled van ala Rat Patrol with a Super Tramp sound track.

We figure out that the corpses are from the Medical School. Dimitri identifies some dead mobsters as Russian mobsters. We quickly dispatch some Zombies left over in the factory.

A Little Down Time

Jack spends the week healing and feeding. The others investigate Mina Summers and her possible connection to The Thing That Eats Towns. The Prince stresses that we need real proof and not just made up stuff and circumstantial evidence.

Eric discovers that Korus is Mina’s ghoul. And that she has a warehouse full of homeless people and runaways.

Kort learns that Satan’s Chosen Temple was a front for Mina. She also has 50 stolen cadavers. Kort keeps tabs on the Hangmen. He reports that one is a monster hunter. Tyler seems to be the brains of the group. We plan on giving them a clue that will lead them to Mina like dropping off one of runaways.

Mina gets put before a Tribunal. Jack due to his status, gets invited to the tribunal. He also takes the opportunity to investigate the local Torredor. The Tribunal takes five nights. In the end, she’s found guilty and a blood hunt is called.

The Blood Hunt.

Macallen, Tolliver and some of the other neonates lead the charge. They get mowed down and discover some booby traps the hard way. Four SUV’s flee the warehouse. Bookshelf follows one. We follow the another. Kort works his driving magic while Jack opens up with the machine gun. Kort rams the SUV until it spins out of control. Jack gets enchanted by Mina’s majesty. Kort runs over Mina. That puts her into torpor and the party stakes her. Jack comes back to his senses and suggests that we take her back to court. There is a short debate but it’s finally decided we should diablerize her. Jack agrees to take one for the team.

For his sacrifice, he gains Celerity 4, Blood Potency 3 and Humanity 3, He gains no Derangement. He’s just psycho. Murder doesn’t bother him that much anymore. He gains some insight into her plans and hideouts.

Mina was obsessed with becoming the best sorceress in the world. She was willing to make deals with spirits. She used the remains of the flaming witch to summon The Thing That Eats Towns. It is know as the Dream of Summer. It feeds off people dreaming of warm summer months. Mina got frustrated that she couldn’t learn the magic from spirit. Mina bound it to a human body and this spirit is insane. It has bound spirits to it. Sasha was under the power of the spirit witch. Jack cleans out her bank account. And learns her secrets.

Tulliver and Macallen report finding rat monsters and freaky spirits in a weird Geiger-esque basement. And that Sasha got away.

6 XP