Some Game Session Notes

Notes from 11/12/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on December 7, 2005

Kort finally embraces Dimitri and explains that vampires can have sex. Dimitri looks worried.

The party attends an Ordo Dracul war meeting. The Prince explains that the city is weak and under the firm control of one covenant. He’s worried about attacks from the outside by other covenants that may try to take over the city.

As punishment for Mina’s crimes Himmelsbach puts some of the Circle of Crone folks under our control. John Winters, Broderick, Laila Bracher, Serina (Elder) (with her four ghouls), Arron the Modern Primitive, Massaquoi (some French guy) and Screaming Todd the thug.

The Haven in the Suburbs Kansy Creek
Donovan’s are a typical suburban couple who were dominated by Mina to think that she was their daughter. Kort alters their memories and think that they had son not a daughter, i.e. Mason the New Guy.

The Yacht Haven
There was supposed to be some sort of demon bottle on the yacht. But it was stolen. Seth questions some spirits and they confirm this. We visit Sarina and she’s just bitchy calling us Elder Killers. Kort grumbles and asks her to check what she can in the spirit front.

Mason and Jack talk to Gail. They figure out that she stole the bottle. She is amazes that we even knew about it.

Return of The Revenge of The Second Temple
Kort possesses a bat and recons the place. Just some hippy guards. The place falls quickly and we even nab a couple prisoners. We discover that there will be a third Chosen Temple. Don’t these people ever give up. The rest of the cultists are holed up in a hotel. These guys were left to be martyrs for the cause. Not much revenge and not much of a fight.

Prep for The Hotel Raid
Kort bribes the Trog gang to go after the group at the hotel. Chavo and Nitro set up the deal. Lars shows Kort his trapped rat. Kort explains to the rest of the party that rats cuss like sailors. Kort negotiates. Seth summons a spirit to guide him to the spider spirits who would leads us to the rat sprints. Seth follows the spirit to the warehouse and after some tense negotiations he gets the location.

Chavo and Nitro report that the Hotel might be tough for them to crack. So the party gears up and gets ready for another raid. Mason makes blood cubes. Seth gets a storm elemental by dissolving a lightning rod in acid.

4 XP


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