Some Game Session Notes

Notes from 01/08/06

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on January 18, 2006

Notable Quotes: Liquid porn, it comes in kegs. Gimme some porn squeezin’s honey.

The Junk Yard Fight Continues.

Kort is still fighting in the tunnels. One dog is dead and the others; wounded. Suddenly, a werewolf runs for topside, “ARGHH! Zombies!!!!? Kort sprints after the werewolf. In his haste, he sets off a grenade trap. Lovis sees the same werewolf scramble from the tunnels. “What is it Lassie?? she mocks, “Zombies in the tunnel??

Aaron gets nabbed by a rat beast under a Buick. He manages to crawl back out, only missing one leg. Erick continues to blast the area with the machine gun and keeps the mortal cultists at bay.

Kort gathers up an arm load of fire extinguishers and the party heads back into the tunnels. Erick volunteers to guard the rear. Where it’s safe. The werewolves retreat like little girls.

The gang foes into the tunnels. They run into the obligatory Zombie Horde. Fire extinguishers and gun fire takes out the zombies with only minor damage to the characters. All would have been fine if not at the same time, something reptilian with claws and the Plague King advance down another hall. The Plague King kills another one of Kort’s dogs. Lovis leaps over the table and vaporizes the pain spirit with her katana. Kort runs in and blasts the Plague King with a shotgun. He ducks around and runs into a waiting cultist with a Molotov cocktail. He blasts the cultist and the dogs tear him apart. Instead of ichor or blood, the Plague King leaves a trail of maggots on the floor. Lovis looses a pair of her most sensible shoes to maggot infestation. Kort finally “kills? the Plague King.

We loot the area. We find some drums with liquidized human remains. We find some footlockers with the possessions of victims. We also find the cultists armory and get some light pistols, SMG’s, butcher knives, a magic axe (hates males, -1 if a male uses it), a bone whistle made from a human femur (makes ghosts visible when played) and a broad sword. We also find a magical zombie creation furnace. We also discover a weird cocoon-tentacle thing feeding off dessicated bodies. Pouches of powder, something to do with corpses. We try it out and it dissolves a corpses We send the axe and whistle with Serena for analysis. We blow up the place with a variety of explosives, flammables and chemicals.

Feeding and healing the next couple days. Nothing bad happens. We mess with the cocoon and find out that it is some sort of ancient horror called the Unseen Hunter, a humanoid-bug-invisible hunter and killer thing. It’s gone for now but could still be summoned later.

We go back out to Sasha’s place in the woods. First, we find a variety of traps. Erick finds a vault full of flesh eating scarabs. Kort gets bit by the copper asp. Lovis gets poisoned door knob. She is flooded with memories in an odd dream like state. Kort draws her a unibrow. Jack walks past a doorway. Mason gets stuck, “I can’t go in there.? (Blood Potency 3 or greater to enter.)

Kort finds Sasha. She’s still in torpor. Eric finds the money. $300,000 American, $300,000 Canadian, $500,000 total. Everybody gets $100,000. Huge supply of MRE’s. Kort is hog heaven. Lovis finds lots of SMG’s. 150 rounds of armor piercing (1) ammo. Jack finds Mina’s library full of books and journals from various vampires from the East Coast and Europe and some that used to live in Kuilstadt in the last 150 to 200 years. Highlights include: when did Himmelsbach’s went into torpor. How many childer he has. The journal of the former Bishop that Polonia killed. The journals of some guy who Kort diaberlerized. Lots about Gergario, as a mortal and a young vampire.

Lovis diaberlerize Sasha. She gains the power but gets a derangement (the power fetish Sasha’s Jade Comb is the source of her power.)

6 XP


The Notes from 12/12/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on January 4, 2006

Notable Quotes:
Seth & the Werewolves sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon.
Lovis: “I like it when they twitch.?

We learn that the Mother Spirit may be at the Mutant Hole. A horrible place that was the site of a tragic toxic chemical spill. The event caused many deaths and mutant flipper babies for generations to come. The state and the corporations covered the whole thing up. We theorize that Gregorio the albino, could be an ally. Rumor has it that he hails from there.

We decide instead to head for the Junk Yard. This place is supposed to be home to some nasty spirits especially some of the big nasty Rat things. We get a full compliment of werewolf allies to help us. Grandpa, Burning Tail, Broken Claw, Valdez and Ocelot. Even our Nosferatu friend Lovis shows up.

Seth explains that the spirit of our machine gun has awakened. Someone asks “When did you do that??
“It was like that when I meet you. You guys use that thing too much.?

We come up with a most cunning Black Adder style plan. We asses the most dangerous routes into the junk yard and the people we like the least into those areas. We, on the other hand, completely over compensate and steal a couple of bulldozers with Dimitri’s help.

Our worries were not without merit. Land mines and tank traps quickly immobilize both the bulldozer and our jeep. Kort is stuck in a ditch with rat hordes attacking him. He uses his Animalism to turn the horde in on itself. Then he is bothered by some cultist who has a grenade on stick. But this only annoys the burly Ventrue. Kort runs into a couple more Rat Monsters. He and his trusty dogs make quick work of them. Only the dogs get poisoned.

Lovis uses her Nightmare to herd more cultists into the waiting claws of several werewolves although this was purely by coincidence. She and Jack brandish their swords and hack their way through any Rat Beasts and cultists that were unfortunate enough to get in their way. Kort’s dogs get their hunt on and tear apart more than evil cultist.

Our other allies don’t have so easy. They face more Rat Beasts and even an awakened and very grumpy crane. Some of the werewolves trip a fire trap and get singed. We break in the middle of the raid.  To be continued same Bat Channel, later….
5 XP

Notes From 11/26/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on January 4, 2006

Notable Quote: Meatstick is tasty but not filling?

Raid on the hotel.

We gather a small army of ghouls, hellhounds and a few more vampires. We steal an eighteen wheeler to use as a place to create the magic circle to capture the spirit. As usual we have our official Rat Patrol Jeep with 30 caliber machine gun. Seth the Werewolf takes the time to awaken the spirit of a fire truck and convinces it to help us.

After creating the circle, Seth explains to us that there has to be a way for it to escape. Kort asks, “Then why do we even need a circle, if it can escape.?

Seth explains that the spirit can only escape if it can say Rumpelstiltskin backwards. The Vampires all nod in agreement and think that Werewolves are weird.

Serena astrally projects and does a recon of the area. She reports two vampires (Soria and Alodia) and four other supernatural types.

Kort announces our arrival by housing down the front of the hotel with machine gun fire. The fight is brief and rather pointless on the defenders part. Chavo and Nitro zip tie surrendering cultists. Kort gets attacked by a Rat Creature but John Winters caps it with his powers of sniperage. Kort shrieks like a little girl as the beast explodes into a rat horde of rats. Screaming Tod diablerizes Alodia.

Thanks to Serena’s thunderstorm, the fire zombies and fire hound spirit stay inside. Seth summons the spirit (A Rank 2 Magath) to the magic circle and traps it. We coax the fire truck to hose down the hotel until the the zombies are “put out?. Serena dissolves bodies, into a huge puddle of blood.

As is our lot, we loot: very little money, guns and armor, 2 light SMG’s , 6 revolvers, l l auto pistols, Soria had sacrificial knife +1 damage with a poison reservoir.

The Rotting Cabin in the Woods

Jack recalls memories about the cabin. The place is full of spike traps, noose traps ,barriers to keep low blood potency vampires, door knobs with blood poison, a variety of nonlethal traps, ghouled scarab beetles and cooper colored asps with venom that is dangerous to vampires.

We decide that the place is a death trap. Kort calls in some favors and finds an Irish demolitions expert. With the Irishman’s skills and liberal amounts of gasoline, we burn the place to the ground. We determine that Sasha went into torpor. The others weren’t so lucky.

8 XP for this session