Some Game Session Notes

Notes From 11/26/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on January 4, 2006

Notable Quote: Meatstick is tasty but not filling?

Raid on the hotel.

We gather a small army of ghouls, hellhounds and a few more vampires. We steal an eighteen wheeler to use as a place to create the magic circle to capture the spirit. As usual we have our official Rat Patrol Jeep with 30 caliber machine gun. Seth the Werewolf takes the time to awaken the spirit of a fire truck and convinces it to help us.

After creating the circle, Seth explains to us that there has to be a way for it to escape. Kort asks, “Then why do we even need a circle, if it can escape.?

Seth explains that the spirit can only escape if it can say Rumpelstiltskin backwards. The Vampires all nod in agreement and think that Werewolves are weird.

Serena astrally projects and does a recon of the area. She reports two vampires (Soria and Alodia) and four other supernatural types.

Kort announces our arrival by housing down the front of the hotel with machine gun fire. The fight is brief and rather pointless on the defenders part. Chavo and Nitro zip tie surrendering cultists. Kort gets attacked by a Rat Creature but John Winters caps it with his powers of sniperage. Kort shrieks like a little girl as the beast explodes into a rat horde of rats. Screaming Tod diablerizes Alodia.

Thanks to Serena’s thunderstorm, the fire zombies and fire hound spirit stay inside. Seth summons the spirit (A Rank 2 Magath) to the magic circle and traps it. We coax the fire truck to hose down the hotel until the the zombies are “put out?. Serena dissolves bodies, into a huge puddle of blood.

As is our lot, we loot: very little money, guns and armor, 2 light SMG’s , 6 revolvers, l l auto pistols, Soria had sacrificial knife +1 damage with a poison reservoir.

The Rotting Cabin in the Woods

Jack recalls memories about the cabin. The place is full of spike traps, noose traps ,barriers to keep low blood potency vampires, door knobs with blood poison, a variety of nonlethal traps, ghouled scarab beetles and cooper colored asps with venom that is dangerous to vampires.

We decide that the place is a death trap. Kort calls in some favors and finds an Irish demolitions expert. With the Irishman’s skills and liberal amounts of gasoline, we burn the place to the ground. We determine that Sasha went into torpor. The others weren’t so lucky.

8 XP for this session


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