Some Game Session Notes

Notes From 1/21/06

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on February 3, 2006

Notable Quotes
Seth is on Dr Venture pills today.
You got beat up by a Jewish Wiccan lesbian?

We start out night by shopping. We talk Dimitri into helping us find some grenades and other high explosives. Jack suggests they trade SMG’s but Kort insists that they may need them. Dimitri sets us up with some guy in the Mexican Army who is willing to sell off some “surplusâ€? . We get about 4 dozen grenades for $100 each. Gregor steals Lovis’ Walkman and returns weeks later with two Walkmen and a couple of grenade launchers. Mason seeks the knowledge to learn Nightmare 5. Jack continues to plays politics and try to make contacts in the Crone and Lancea Sanctum.

Erick is amazed that his skills in Latin and Spanish have come in handy for reading Gregorio’s journal. We learn that Gregorio has no childer and his coterie is all Lancea Sanctum folks who control the Slavic ghetto north of the Dover’s Ridge area. The Journal: Erick Gregorio Mendez embraced in London. IN Victorian england. The embrace turned him into an albino. Marcus is from the same time and they have been traveling together for along time. Gregorio gets fascination with Carny folks.

Erick reads the letter. Two story farm house, screams, concerned emotions. Kort finds an owl that knows where a farm filled with dead people. We send a letter and get a response from Gregorio inviting us out to the Ranch.

Some things we learn about the local Lancea Sanctum:
Aggaro is the nicest and preaches to the unclean masses
McAllen keep the scared items and is the muscle. Polonia was sire.
Gregorio is the Inquisitor.

We get a hold of Chea and meet at Elysium and explain to him that we need to find Gregorio. Chea explains that Gregorio and Marcus took off about a month ago. Gregorio got mad and said he needed to look into something. They’ve been shipping medical supplies out to a remote site near the Mutant Hole.

We convince Winters that he’s the most qualified to go check out the area around the Mutant Hole. He grumbles but agrees. When he returns, a little worse for the wear, he explains that the trees can see invisible stuff and can attack. Winters goes on to describe the place as sort of like low tech Cheyenne Mountain.

Kort steals a biplane while Erick and Lovis brew up some Agent Orange Concentrate for those pesky trees.

The Ranch
We meet Marcus, Gregorio and their goons with guns. Most of the place has been converted into a make shift field hospital. Various carny freaks are strapped to gurnies. Some are suffering from some sort of supernatural disease. Others have been turned into Fire Zombies.

We are joined by Winters, Gregorio, Marcus, the Twins and five gargoyles. Gregorio knows of a secret back way through the storm tunnels. The place is filthy. We find a steerage-type barracks area. The boiler is glowing red hot and covered with various runes and fetishes. Then we get attacked from four directions.

Mason meets the advancing Rat beasts head on. He kicks in the Nightmare. Two run away and the other two assume the fetal position. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Jack and Lovis face off against some dogs and renegade vampires. A little Nightmare, some sword-fu and a grenade take the fight out of them.

Zombies pout out of the boiler and anyone without a handy target holds off the zombies including some weirdo in a Strongbad Mask wielding a halberd. Later he explains that he is Bjorn the Red or Pretty (We’re not sure which), Himmelsbach’s sire.

Kort and the others are faced with the Mother. More dogs are hurt and the Mother turns into slime and oozes like quicksilver over the boiler where she detonates the bomb we placed. Everybody gets hurt. And we make a hasty retreat.

Seth gains more information on the Mother. She is a Rank 4 spirit. Then Seth announces that he can’t bind Mother. But he could summon her.

We go to see Grampa: Seth explains, the power of the Mother. Mother is taking orders from the Dream of Summer. Seth casts his spirit magic again and learns that Mother’s ban is bound to Cherokee Religion. A pack of Werewolves gather and attempt the summoning and binding. Several hours later they collapse exhausted and unsuccessful.

8 XP