Some Game Session Notes

Notes from 10/22/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on December 7, 2005

Notable Quotes:
Werewolves eat at Arby’s.
Torpor makes you immune to Dominate, Nightmare and Majesty.

We are invited to court to meet the new guy. The new guy is a Devea with the lots of Majesty and mob contacts. His name is Alexander Mason. Virgil warns us to tone down the collateral damage. Archer tells us that Georgia is full of satanists. Cackett the Baby Eater is the new herald. Kort hears that the cops are investigating machine gunning reports.

We head off to find the Rat King and any other remaining members of Mina’s coterie. Mason gets his complementary fire extinguisher and axe. We begin our search for Satan’s Back up Temple. Kort dresses up like Goth and checks out to the Goth Scene. He fails and calls up Phoenix. She gets him an answer shortly. She and Jimmy agree to help us.

The new Temple is another old plantation house in the woods. Half of the house is deteriorated, water damaged and moldy. Not a good place for asthmatic Goths. Werewolves can smell the Gauntlet. He sees Vice Lust, Sloth and Gluttony spirits. Additionally, the other three SUV’s from the warehouse raid are parked in front.

We sneak the car up near the house. Eric obfuscates and moves closer. A gunshot rings out and Eric is hit. Then the crap hits the fan. Jack sprints out. A Rat thing throws a giant. Molotov Deathstar. Sasha Bradovitch turns on the Nightmare and Jimmy assumes a fetal position for the fight. Kort sends in his bats to attack Sasha. Phoenix takes a bullet. Eric drops from the fire damage. Kort’s dogs take down enemy dog. Phoenix gathers up Jimmy and tries to run but The Rat Thing hits them with a car. Rotschrek rolls and are failed and people start running. We retreat.

6 XP


Vampire Session From 10/08/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on November 30, 2005

We got rumors. Eric has spent the last few years researching stuff on microfiche. He receives payment in the form a microfiche reader and the last 30 years of South African periodicals.

Kort learns several rumors about the Hangmen and the Dog Faces. He also briefs Eric on the events at Satan’s Chosen Temple. We hear that the cops found Korus in Chicago and jailed him but a lawyer got him out of jail. We theorized that it was Mina Summers.

Shovel reports odd things at the old factory.

The Hangmen are having problems with the Bradovitches. A schism in the Hangmen has caused it split into two groups.

The Factory and the Noises

Shovel explains that the noises sound like a large animal. He has no idea what it is. Kort summons some owls. The owls smell an unidentifiable predator. We get the jeep and mount the machine gun. An owl finds a black bear in a shed. Eric tracks to the shed and that something heavy was drug into the shed. Something had been singed and burned the nearby underbrush. He spots some vaguely large canine tracks. The shed smells bad and something ate half a black bear. Eric and the dogs continue to track the something. We learn that the beast is the size of a horse, quadrupedal. And more singed underbrush. Eric poisons the bear guts

We talk to Hunegarte about the giant wolf thing that they fought in Zombie Town. We meet them over Chinatown. He has dozens more plaster casts of footprints. Pieces of metal that have bitten. The beast bit his car bumper. Bullets that went in and then powers of regeneration caused them to fall out. Hungarte claims that he even threw a car at the beasty. Holy water drove it off. Teeth and claws burn like fire. Blood splatters are fire like too. He confirms that the tracks are the same. We go and tell the Prince, he’s not happy but he’s got a haven in the area too at least there aren’t any zombies yet.

We steal an 18 wheeler full of Lucky Strikes to build a trap for the fire wolf. Reinforce the trailer and install a fire retardant spray system. Of course, we get Dimitri to fence the cigarettes.

Macallen and Tolliver deliver drums of guts from the meat packing plant (Our Bait). Himmelsbach shows up with a fire truck. We set up our trap and wait. Jack uses the “gut sling? to seed the area. We spot the Fire Wolf. It has four human friends who are unloading a van filled with corpses that they’re putting into a furnace. The Obfuscators sneak up and the fighting starts.

The Fire Wolf quickly eats Eda. Jack and the wolf exchange damage. Then the China man dashes into the truck trailer and the wolf follows. The Fire Wolf gets trapped in the trailer. We shoot it till it stops moving and we run out of bullets.

Kort and Bookshelf chase after the cadaver-filled van ala Rat Patrol with a Super Tramp sound track.

We figure out that the corpses are from the Medical School. Dimitri identifies some dead mobsters as Russian mobsters. We quickly dispatch some Zombies left over in the factory.

A Little Down Time

Jack spends the week healing and feeding. The others investigate Mina Summers and her possible connection to The Thing That Eats Towns. The Prince stresses that we need real proof and not just made up stuff and circumstantial evidence.

Eric discovers that Korus is Mina’s ghoul. And that she has a warehouse full of homeless people and runaways.

Kort learns that Satan’s Chosen Temple was a front for Mina. She also has 50 stolen cadavers. Kort keeps tabs on the Hangmen. He reports that one is a monster hunter. Tyler seems to be the brains of the group. We plan on giving them a clue that will lead them to Mina like dropping off one of runaways.

Mina gets put before a Tribunal. Jack due to his status, gets invited to the tribunal. He also takes the opportunity to investigate the local Torredor. The Tribunal takes five nights. In the end, she’s found guilty and a blood hunt is called.

The Blood Hunt.

Macallen, Tolliver and some of the other neonates lead the charge. They get mowed down and discover some booby traps the hard way. Four SUV’s flee the warehouse. Bookshelf follows one. We follow the another. Kort works his driving magic while Jack opens up with the machine gun. Kort rams the SUV until it spins out of control. Jack gets enchanted by Mina’s majesty. Kort runs over Mina. That puts her into torpor and the party stakes her. Jack comes back to his senses and suggests that we take her back to court. There is a short debate but it’s finally decided we should diablerize her. Jack agrees to take one for the team.

For his sacrifice, he gains Celerity 4, Blood Potency 3 and Humanity 3, He gains no Derangement. He’s just psycho. Murder doesn’t bother him that much anymore. He gains some insight into her plans and hideouts.

Mina was obsessed with becoming the best sorceress in the world. She was willing to make deals with spirits. She used the remains of the flaming witch to summon The Thing That Eats Towns. It is know as the Dream of Summer. It feeds off people dreaming of warm summer months. Mina got frustrated that she couldn’t learn the magic from spirit. Mina bound it to a human body and this spirit is insane. It has bound spirits to it. Sasha was under the power of the spirit witch. Jack cleans out her bank account. And learns her secrets.

Tulliver and Macallen report finding rat monsters and freaky spirits in a weird Geiger-esque basement. And that Sasha got away.

6 XP

Vampire Session From 09/03/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on September 3, 2005

Notable Quote: Your machine gun appears well fed.

It is the same night, and we are still debating on what to do with Dimitri. We decide to put the armor and mighty machine gun in storage until later and someone can use it without penalty. Sudenly, we remember that we left the baboons in the van for a couple of days. They died. We all blame Boodshelf. He blames us but only under his breath.

Lovis thinks about where the Bradovithces are. She talks to the kid and then remembers that he’s blood bound to Sasha.

There is short dicussion with Seth on werewolf physiology. Jack explains he that didn’t know that werewolves weren’t bullet resistant like vampires. “Glad, I didn’t shoot you as joke,’ he commented. “Vampires do that for fun.? Seth explains that werewolves aren’t immortal either. The China man looks amazed.

At Elysium, Archer is hanging out. He’s recruiting to go out and stop the Satanists who raided the compound. Archer was the only survivor. Fortunately, he’s looking for Lancea Sanctum folks. We wave and smile but don’t volunteer.

Jack hears word of The Blind Swordsmen in Chinatown who are teaching a combat dicipline. It gives a bonus to Dex based skills. Jack grins and takes the first taxi to Chinatown. He meets them at the 7 Fortunes Restaurant. It turnes out that the local Chinatown is ran by Japanese vampires.

The vampires want more cooperation with white mobs but some Russian mobsters have been causing problems. Sakura gives Jack the names. If Jack can drag them in and make them apologize, then he’ll get trained in the new dicipline. Jack enjoys tastey blood laced tea with his new friends

The next night Jack gets some info from on the guys and works with Kort to brain wash the guys and get them to apologize. This takes a couple of nights but is successful.

Kort goes out to the woods and talks to Chavo and Nitro. Kort makes beer-blood cocktails. He uses Dominate and social skills to persuade them to recreate the gang. They both agree but for different reasons.

Kort visits the pyshic girl (Amanda Lasiter) from zombie town. He hears of her normal teenage problems. He learns that her boyfriend dumped her. Kort hunts the little punk down at a burned out Cirlce K. Kort just mind manipulates the kid and moves on.

Satan’s Chosen Temple

Native Werewolf Wisdom: It’s like that “My people call it maize? thing but in this case it’s about violence.

The temple is a run down plantation. About two dozen teenagers surround a couple of bonfires. Seth detects a couple of pain spirits that are bound to the house. Seth passes out some peyote and questions the kids. He learns about the innner circle of the temple.

Korus the Leader is into Crowley-type stuff. He can detect your virtue and vice.
Lester: short and bald high pitched voice, kind of like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.
Sarah: Big glasses, huge hair and into the Kaballah
Mr, Gloem: long finger nails. Nine Inch Nails type guy
Morgana: Very fat and smells like vanilla with a scarred forehead
Mildred: She’s like 50, dude, and totally European and shit.

We pose involuntarily as drug dealers (thanks to Seth’s free samples of peyote). Korus immediately knows that we are Vampires. We have a brief discussion and learn that some of the members have been building shrines to some sort of heat god (We think that it’s The Thing That Eats Town). We tell Korus that he doesn’t have to worry about Ivan the Tooth anymore. Korus tells us that he’s a Mason and he hosts their monthly orgy.

Seth notices a Rat spirit in the corner. They weaken the Gauntlet. And cause problems. We can kill them and they go away. And violence breaks out.

Lester runs for it. Seth hacks into him with the crusader sword and Jack follows up with his own brand of hack fu. A Molotov Cocktail drops from the ceiling on Jack and Kort. Jack pokes through the ceiling and stabs something in the foot.

Burning Tail and Black Claw (a couple of werewolves that we brought as back up ) jump up and tear through the ceiling and into the attic and attack some Rat Spirts. They take out Mr. Golem. Burning Claw gets poisoned.

Lovis is attacked by rat spirits. She tripped and clawed. The claws break off into her skin. Her blood is diseased. And she is bleeding from the wounds in her skin.

Jack runs past Seth and Elsie who activated her nightmare. A spear from the ceiling attacks Seth. Lovis fails her check against Elsie’s nighmare. Seth follows a rat guy onto the roof.

Chaotic fighting continues on the roof, in the attic and on the second floor.

Seth explains that a Loci is becoming available after it is cleansed. Korus burns the house down and moves to another area

We find $300,000 ($41,000 each) in the safe.

6 XP For the session

Vampire Session From 8/06/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on August 8, 2005

A Failed Interrogation

Notable Quotes: Chia gargoyles, Gargoyle Barbie and My Little Gargoyle.

We figure we have plenty of prisoners (two) to interrogate until Lucas goes into a blood frenzy. Prisoner 1 is handcuffed to the toilet ala Boondocks Saints and Prisoner 2 is a duct tape mummy. He continues to go on the hunt after he kills them. Jack puts some Kung Fu moves on Lucas and finally stakes him. For good measure, Jack gives Lucas a swift kick in the teeth. By this time, Gregor’s gargoyles show up and pins Jack who immediately shouts, “Lovis! Get you garden gnome off me?

Kort interrogates the Baboon Ghoul. The Baboon tells the story of the nice kid has changed into something scary then deeply beloved. He let’s us play fun games i.e. beat up people. Kort gets some clues to the location of the haven. Eric helps him out and narrows the location down. Additional research leads us to believe that the kid is Chad Davis, the boy who can talk to animals from Hamilton in the mountains. He was kidnapped three years ago by drug dealer bikers, The Dog Faces.

Strickland, and Lucy trace some prison tattoos and see what additional information we can find out about the Dog Faces.

Church of the Divine Madness

We meet Mina Summers at her Temple of Divine Madness, sort of a Scientology pyramid scheme. We explain how she treaded on our turf and now has to “buy? the guys that she ghouled and keep out of the organized crime arena. She takes us into a locked room with eight corpses with a strange flower (Flower of Demeter) growing out of the corpses. She gives us some flowers. It offers the “Glow of life? to us undead type. We offer to provide corpses for the flowers. Jack comments a good way to dispose of a body.

Trying to get more Prisoners

We hit The Bar & Grill, a Trucker/biker hangout place. The owner is in jail for shooting at passing air ships. About two dozen people are in the bar watching Japanese soccer. A couple of guys are in back watching mud wrestling and selling crack.

Eric sabotages the monkey van. And we wait for them to leave. As soon as the van breaks down, we rush the bikers. Lovis kills one and we take Chavo and Nitro prisoner. We take them to the usual interrogation place AKA The Creepy Cabin.

Once there a stranger is waiting for us. He says his name is Seth and that Gramps has sent him to help us. He’s a Native American and his left eye looks like the night sky and sees into the spirit world. We see the glaring PC aura about him and welcome Seth into our company.

Krumpus Corner

Notable Quote: If we weren’t playing an RPG right now I’d call you a geek. (In response to a comment about who casts an Englishman to play a guy named Picard.)

Random Baboon: Does this make my ass look red?

We interrogate Chavo and Nitro. We learn that the Dog Faces have an ersatz compound made from a trailer park, Krumpus Corner. Mounds of trash and abandoned cars form the “fortified? walls. The big boss is a large spooky Russian (a Bradovitch). There a couple of small labs and a main office where the bosses hang out. We also find out about some of the places that they meet with the Trogs. And that Korus is the leader of the Satan’s Chosen Temple. We chain them to the pole, and leave them in the creepy cabin.

We call in a little help with the raid on Krumpus Corner. Vecchio and his coterie are assigned to guard the front and keep anyone from leaving. And that’s pretty much all they do.

Lucas transforms into a raven and grows those nasty Protean Claws. He flies in quickly and easily kills a sentry and turns back into human. Then things go bad. A rapier wielding baboon skewers him then Ivan the Tooth decked out in plate armor and armed with a chain gun with an axe for a bayonet (ala 40K) attacks him. A long burst from the chain gun and a swing of the axe and dear cowboy friend goes to his final resting place. Immediately, we come up with a new team policy: Bury our dead. No science experiments.

Seth the werewolf changes and charges into the fray. We see that our new friend is not a combat hardened as the rest of us. He spends much of his time running around the compound and attacking anything in reach.

The Gargoyles trash one of the trailers.

Jack also has a run in with Ivan the Tooth. Jack spends half of his time hiding in the bushes but eventually helps Seth avenge Lucas and take out Ivan.

Lovis jumps on top the office trailer. She rips some holes in the roof and drops a couple of grenades. She takes out two guys but more SMG fire comes from the trailer. She decides to drop a railroad flare through the hole which she does when sprints off after failing her Rotschreck roll.

Eric and Kort drive in the other side with the pickup. Eric mans the .30 cal. He obliterates monkeys and random trailer park scenery.

We clear each trailer. Under the main office we find a tunnel. In a small underground “storeroom? we meet the kid who talks to animals. He is tending to a wounded baboon. We learn that he was embraced by Ivan but is blood bound to Sasha. For some really weird reason. the Bradovitches are making an army of baboons to attack some vampire. The kid also knows that there are bad spirits in the woods because they annoyed some of his baboons. All of the baboons named after pop stars.

We quickly realize that Dimitri no longer has a controller. We decide that we should ask if he can join “The Club? Jack appeals to Himmelsbach who agrees. We ask Dimitri and he agrees. We still have to decide on who does it. We also need to decide on what to do with the kid.

Heavy Armor 4/4 Min Str 8
Machine Gun Min Str 8 with axe

6 XP

Vampire Session From 07/23/05

Posted in The Second Vampire Chronicle by Chuck on July 23, 2005

And so it begins. It’s Mayberry 2025 and Oppie has gone bad

Lobsters, Guns & Money

Notable Quotes: Eddie Izzard and Ed Asner are not the person

We hear that over in Loson, a street gang has been able to purchase some hand grenades and big guns. Dimitri gets us the name of the guy on the Army Base who was selling munitions. He is being held in the stockade and we realize that this would be tough place to break into. We could do it but it would take some massive Masquerade breeches.

The Prince of Loson is Monique DoBane (to be played by John Leguizano). She’s originally from Europe and was embraced during WW II. The local Ordo Dracul are weirdos. They think that space alien lobsters created vampires. They’ve been doing some eugenics experiments with their very own inbred ghoul family. The weird OD guys hang out at the Scientology building.

As soon as he hears of the space lobsters, Kort orders Dema to buy $2,000 worth of lobster and some glow in the dark paint. Dema gets the task of painting the lobsters. Jack comments crazy rednecks. Dema wonders what he has done to offend sweet-blood daddy. Kort listens to the lobsters yelling, “I cut you man.? Eric suggests some hollowed out water melons for “alien eggs?. Kort aks his family to build a flying saucer out lumber and stuff. Instead, they steal a giant hamburger from a local burger joint and just paint it. Kort plans on using Dominate to convince some yokel that he was abducted by aliens and probed. Someone glues a plastic brain onto one of the lobsters.

We drive to Loson. The town is arranged in normal rural fashion i.e. redneck. The vampires just seem weird.

We pass the news about the guns and grenades to the Prince. Then we put the lobsters in the watermelons. And the watermelons in the giant hamburger UFO and drop the stuff off in a parking lot.

Soon a white van drives up and guys in lab coats and blue jeans jump out and start checking out the invasion. One guy exclaims, “No, you check it out!? Another shouts, “I’m keeping the one with a brain.? They take the saucer back to headquarters.

We are now are known as the Animal House of the Ordo Dracul.

We actually have a pleasant conversation with the local sheriff. We exchange numbers. Every gets a free one-time Contact Merit with the sheriff of Loson.

Over to Miner’s Town

We hear about some mob guys (Ziphan, Kolya, and Jeroslav) doing some weird jobs. They stole some bodies and burned down old book stores. We learn that the Lancea Sanctum had previously used the abandoned church in Miners’ Town but now the place has been taken over by the Circle of the Crone.

We track them to a local drive in showing Russian art films which are bizarre cross between porn, propaganda and surrealist performance art. Some of the great cinematic scenes include:

A topless woman being chased by an octopus and a cow.
A woman fighting rats with loaf of bread.

The gangsters are dealing from their car. We interrupt them and do a little interrogation.

Who were you stealing bodies for?
Some doctor. Dunno. We stole eight bodies.

Eric lets us know that the mobster is thinking of Sarah The Dark Mistress.

We don’t fall for the story and tail Zygan when he leaves the movie. He leads us to his apartment. This time Lucas uses slightly more “physical? interrogation techniques. Despite what Zygan tells us, Eric pulls the real information from his mind. The Dark Mistress has 5 friends (two males, three females). They meet at the Warehouse of sweet, sweet blood. Twenty other random people routinely attend (probably other ghouls). Eric recognizes Sarah the Dark Mistress as Mina Summers. She has a new cult, The Church of the Holy Madness.

We loot the Russian’s place and grab The Christmas Story Lamp, a mating armadillos lamp and a cowboy boot lamp. More realistically we also get his cash and drug stash. We barely get to the haven before the sun rises. Jack and Eric pass out in the tunnel.

The next night, we meet with Himmelsbach. Jack shows off with his Covenant Status of 2 and explains our success. He only mentions that he has heard about space lobster invasion. Himmelsbach congratulates us and lists some things we need to handle.

The Thing that eats towns.
The Bradovitches have a MG.
The Trogs (A Biker gang) are suspicious. Lars the leader is fortune teller.
The Dog Faces (another gang), they run meth labs and have weapon wielding baboons and a psychic kid.
The Hangman Militia: Kort has cousins in that militia. A quick conversation later pretty much clears things up. His three younger cousins, Koey, Goob and Bobo. They just maintaining the moonshine routes from the inner city drug dealers and mobs.
Satan’s Chosen Temple: A plantation house in the mountains. Mostly young adults indulging in sin and probably just a “shock-value? religion.
The Mutant Hole: (Emerson Chemical East Coast Warehouse complex, Gosford County ASPOS Depot) in the 60’s a chemical industrial accident caused a few “problems?, children with disabilities who were shuffled off to the warehouse and everyone wants to just forget that the incident and the place.

The Dog Faces

Kort leads the party to a local trailer park. No one asks how he can find the place blindfolded. We raid the suspect trailer. Cletus and Juanita attempt to escape but Jack runs them down. Another brief interrogation occurs. The meth makers tell us that the gang consists of 10 to 15 guys that run it and 20 guys who are enforcers with trained baboons. We steal their meth and food stamps.

We head off to the local biker strip club. Somebody gets the bright idea that FBI jackets would intimidate the patrons. Jack gets maced. Everybody beats the Dog Face into submission. Kort keeps control of Pogo the lead pipe wielding baboon. All would have gone well, except the stripper on stage was another vampire. Lucas goes nuts and a chase through the woods ensues.

Jack learns the Celerity 3 doesn’t compensate for three packs a day. He unsuccessfully attempts to hamstring Lucas. The stripper vampire just turns out to be some poor nomad who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lucas kills her. We manage to gather our comrades and leave the area with only fatality.

4 xp

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